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Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS)

Several members of GÍTACA group work and research in the field of free software for over ten years. In fact, free software is directly related to the majority of researches that we were ben able to carry out, as many of them have resulted in developments, prototypes, simulators and software products that have been licensed under the free software philosophy of distribution. However, we understand that our relationship and involvement with the free software movement goes beyond the distribution and use of open source as we base most of our teaching and research in the use of free tools. In addition, we collaborate on the spreading of this movement with the participation in congresses, conferences, courses, scientific journals and specialized books. Due to all this, this is a research line across the rest of research, development and technological innovation activities.

Research in this field has enabled us to participate in projects and agreements, publishing books and scientific journal, give courses and conferences, working with other research groups, to participate in congress and conferences and to distribute free software and open source products.

In the context of GÍTACA group we try all the developments that we carry out are distributed under free licenses, except those cases where collaborations or concrete agreements carried out with other entities or organizations do not permit.