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Advanced Communications (AC)

The Advanced Communications research line focuses on, for over fifteen years, the most significant advances in communications technologies. Since broadband networks to wireless communications through the integration of heterogeneous technologies and the communication protocols engineering are key objectives in this research.

The integration of technology with IP networks has led us to investigate technologies MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) and GMPLS (Generalized MPLS) played an important role. Although the TCP / IP networks are our main action area, the subjects of our research are the following fields: Broadband Networks and Multimedia, Advanced Communications; ATM/MPLS/IP Integration Technologies; Communications with Quality of Service; Traffic Engineering; Multiprotocol Networks and Multimedia; Communications Engineering Protocols, Wireless Communications; Ubiquity; Active Networks and Intelligent and Programmable Networks.

This is a line of basic research that has enabled us to collaborate on projects with other national and international research. In addition, it has established agreements with private and public organizations getting interesting innovations and applied results.